Moving through Blah

When I’m feeling blah, flat, and disinterested in what’s taking place around me I know I’m stuck. I may not know where precisely or why I’m stuck but I’m definitely stuck. My range of stuckness can be anywhere from a little bit to feeling as though I’m wearing concrete shoes. Once I bring awareness to the area of stagnation I’m experiencing I’m often amazed at how invested I am in staying stuck, even if it’s a recent thing.

Staying stuck is insidiously familiar. It falsely promises happiness in doing nothing, abdicating my responsibilities, and staying cocooned in apathy. And I still experience that moment of astonishment when those promises turn out to not be true. Again. Some days I need a little stagnation to gather myself for the next big movement but for the most part staying stuck makes me miserable. And as misery loves company I can usually find someone to wallow around in it with. But for all its wealth of population, misery is lonely. If I choose to stay stuck too long, I begin to feel disconnected from everyone and everything.

I’m grateful that today if I’m doggedly determined to stay stuck in one area of my life I can have a lot of flow in other areas and it seems to balance itself out. Mother has helped me create and maintain enough flow that it isn’t all or nothing as it used to feel. I love this meditation. Any tool that can break up my inner stagnation is a huge gift. Flow is my happy place now. So I’m saying YES! today.

Let me know in the comments below how it feels when you do it.

8 thoughts on “Moving through Blah”

  1. OMG, just what the doctor ordered today! This was such a beautiful meditation. I had no idea what was in store, but decided to run a Mother Mary bath and take a listen in the tub. Divine intuition! This was simply magical and powerful. Thank you Danielle.
    Thank you Mother.
    Namaste all

    1. Love these stories of beautiful ones like you Heidi on the exact same frequency as Mother! Should we start calling that a Mother Mother bath? 💕😅

    2. Wow, I started the meditation sobbing with sadness, and at the end was crying with happiness 😊 extremely powerful for me Thankyou so much Danielle and Mother ! I will you this healing meditation again wonderful. Much Love Alison xx

      1. Beautiful Alison. Thank you for sharing so honestly with us all. That kind of release is priceless. I can’t wait to hear what starts flowing again for you! Big hugs

  2. Now that’s what I’m talking about! That was good! I found that one to move me even further than I was before! Awesome meditation! Thanks so much for such a great meditation and the great service you provide every week! This has been the right thing needed through the summer. Thanks so much for all! Take care and see you soon!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad it moved you that deeply Shirley. That’s awesome. Mother is pretty amazing. can’t wait to see you soon. Big hugs to you.

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