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Q: How do I get on the Beloved Publications email list?

A: Sign up here to join our community so you’ll get the inside scoop about Mother Mary’s live events, new, free videos, and when Danielle is offering private sessions with Mother. Plus receive Mother’s loving guidance in Her PDF,  Mother Mary’s 10 Best Ways to Flow With Joy, right away.

Q: I ordered an audio product from the store, but I haven’t received anything yet. Please help!

A: Check your spam/junk folder, in case the email got filtered there. Note that if you didn’t end up on a confirmation page while ordering, perhaps you didn’t get through all the necessary steps to the end. You can make sure that the payment was processed on your side. For free products, there may be a longer delay before you get the email. If you still have trouble, email [email protected].

Q: Are any of the audios sold in CD hardcopy?

A: No, they’re all in the format of digital downloads.

Q: Can I get a gift certificate for a friend?

A: Yes! Go here to make the purchase.

Q: What if I can’t remember my password for my store account?

A: For your store account, go to the My Account page. (The link is shown as LOGIN on the grey bar on the store page.) From there you’ll click the Lost your password? link. Enter your email address and select RESET PASSWORD. You’ll then receive an email with a link to create a new password. You also have the option of making a purchase without going through an existing profile; just check out as a new customer instead of as a returning customer. Store accounts are optional.

Q: What if I can’t remember my password for an online course?

A: For your online course account, when you go to the Login dashboard page, click on the Lost your password? link in the bottom right. Enter your email address and click the Reset Password button. (Note that your profile information for your store account is different than your username/password for the online courses.)

Q: Is there a way to still hear Mother Mary's words that she shared during an event if I wasn’t able to attend live?

A: Yes! Almost all the live workshops and retreats are recorded, and the audio downloads are available for sale some time afterward. You can visit our store to buy them.

Q: How did Danielle start channeling Mother Mary?

A: It started in 1994 during a deep meditation when she was on a new path of discovery. You can hear Danielle tell her story on this page.

Q: How can I invite Danielle for a potential interview, podcast or events?

A: Email [email protected] with the details and contact.

Q: Is there a way to donate to help support others who want to connect with Mother Mary who might need scholarships?

A: Yes, you can donate to the CarolynJill Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund provides partial and full tuition gifts for some of Mother Mary’s retreats for those who need help from time to time. Learn more here.