Gather with Mother on sacred Mt. Shasta for a life-changing experience. This four day retreat will include intensive clearing, opening, and balancing. It will be an extraordinary time of healing and rejuvenation with your tribe of beloved seekers. We welcome your glorious self!
Discovering how to be with yourself, life, and the divine is one of the most dynamic keys to empowerment and serenity. Being makes up a full half of a healthy and balanced life. Doing and accomplishing your goals is fantastic but not at the expense of your joy in living. Mother teaches you how to connect more deeply with yourself and the divine for revitalization, clarity, and joy.
These recordings are from Mother’s weekend filled with love, light, laughter, and connection. The focus is on choosing faith over fear, what that really means and how to do it. She connects you with your true faith and help you strengthen that connection so that it becomes the first response to life, before fear, before doubt, before rejection and repression of self. This event was the last weekend event Mother will do for a long while.
The love Mother will awaken and open you up to is the love that transcends ideology, religion, cultural beliefs, intellectual beliefs, community laws, logic, time, and anything that divides us. It is the love of unity, compassion, forgiveness, empowerment, and connection. It is the energy that leads the way across the divide every time. It is the power that knows us all to be equal. Period. And it is the force that never abandons us, never makes us feel small, and never tells us we’re unworthy.