Being Honest About Our Rigidity

Today’s livestream with Mother was especially poignant for me because I’ve been making a big conscious effort to be more curious in my life. Certainty or hanging on to beliefs, being “sure” have been historically how I’ve coped with life by avoiding change as much as possible. Even if it’s a good, healthy habit, I want it etched in stone as soon as possible because predictability brings me a sense of safety. Mother tells me there’s nothing wrong with this, and I believe Her. I recognize and accept that my growth is a process, a very winding and sometimes circuitous process.

The first time I ever walked a labyrinth, I thought, this is just like how all my problems get resolved in my life. It looks like I’m heading straight into the middle to gain the solution with a few curves along the way and then all of a sudden, I’m taken all the way out to the edge and it feels like I’ll never get to the middle where my solution is waiting for me. But if I continue to move forward even though I can’t see how the path will get me where I need to go, I always come to the middle and find my solution whether it takes me a day or a decade.

Setting things in stone is the surest way for me to develop a ridged opinion that fast becomes a judgment. I hang onto things, behaviors, and reactions because my energy is so stuck, I can’t feel another way. The realm of possibility is closed to me or at the very least extremely limited.

as I grow in love I begin to like the feeling of flexibility more and more, even as it frightens me in certain circumstances. I enjoy the feeling of spaciousness it provides, with room to explore and discover something new. Mother has given me something precious to meditate on this week and come to some deep honesty around. For today, I’m going to surrender my rigidity over to Her no matter what it’s about and see what happens.

I’d love to hear how you’re learning to be flexible in the comments below. I hope you enjoy Mother’s new offering.


8 thoughts on “Being Honest About Our Rigidity”

  1. Kathleen Humphreys

    This was so good & expansive – thank you Mother. It’s the other side of the coin. Mother Mary is helping me so much & I appreciate it. Thx Danielle for sponsoring Mother.
    It feels like there is so much life inside the broken rigidity.
    Kathleen Humphreys. You have my info but will put it again.

    1. Great insight Kathleen-so much life inside the broken rigidity. It’s amazing what’s present in the corners if we only have the willingness to see. 💜

  2. Wow Mother has given us something too think about 😊 but I don’t feel worried or scared, I could feel her words of love and support comforting me as I watched the video, I feel excited for a new way of being xx Thankyou so much Danielle I am so grateful for your videos 🙏

    1. Love hearing this Alison. It’s amazing when we tap into Mother’s love and all the love in our lives change doesn’t feel very scary at all. Big hugs to you. 🤗

  3. Well, I have to say it was as if Mother was talking directly to me this time. I have been working for years on how to more widely introduce families to home and community schooling. This world situation has made the opportunity available for people to think differently and reassess how their lives and those of their children are really working. I’m excited and will be out there very soon helping people find better ways to live and educate their children. We need to offer children more love and more possibilities so that they can lead the world to be the wonderful place that it is meant to be. Love you all!

    1. Awesome Ingrid! It’s funny how Her message hits home in different ways at different times for us all. 💙💛🧡

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