If you’re struggling to make an inner transformation that will change your life and excited to expand what already lights you up, then a retreat with Mother Mary is exactly what you need. A four or seven day retreat is an exciting opportunity to empower your life. Her compassionate presence gives an infusion of Light energy individually designed to all who participate. The results are profound. Mother offers you the key to creating a loving relationship with yourself and the Divine.

Her retreats provide you with the opportunity to step out of your life to gain clarity, deep rest, and the serenity you need to create what you desire when you get home. Join us for love, laughter, and the celebration of life. We hope to see you there.


Spiral of Grace Live Retreat in Mount Shasta, California:
June 17-20, 2021

Gather with Mother on sacred Mt. Shasta for a life-changing experience. This four day retreat will include intensive clearing, opening, and balancing. It will be an extraordinary time of healing and rejuvenation with your tribe of beloved seekers. We welcome your glorious self!


During the summer and fall months Mother Mary offers free or low cost 90-mimute classes online that focus on a variety of subjects that impact your daily life. Her unique insight comes from Her unconditional love that She holds for us all. Her practical wisdom reminds us that we each hold the power to live in joy. Joining our community ensures that you won’t miss a single one.


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When you join our community, you’ll find out about future classes happening later in the year. We’d love to have you!


School of Love is Mother’s gift from Her heart to yours. The current class series is now in full swing, so registration is closed. Stay tuned for your opportunity in the beginning of 2022…


All past classes, meditations, weekend workshops, and retreats are recorded and made available in our store. We’ve made it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for by organizing Her audio teachings for you by subject. Mother’s offerings are timeless and will touch the deepest parts of you, body and soul. Explore all the amazing wisdom available to you here.