The High Cost Of Your Silence

October 17, 2017

Wow, the title of this one really says it all. Mother's teaching today evokes powerful feelings inside of myself, and I'm guessing some of you. There is healthy silence, meditation, contemplation, pausing before taking action, and active listening. But then there is the unhealthy and sometimes deeply wounding silence that can feed our shadow so much it can cause us and others harm. I record these videos well in advance of their release date and I find it so validating that Mother had it lined up this way given the recent explosion of women and men speaking out, after remaining silent, about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault using the words #me too.

When I first stepped onto this conscious spiritual path, I was struggling with a food addiction that was destroying my life. I was told by many who had walked the path of recovery before me that I was only as sick as my secrets. This didn't mean I had to shout all my personal fears and shadow to the world at large, but I did have to create a circle of support in which I felt safe and not judged by the people and entities in it. 

Learning to express myself honestly with the people in my life is an ongoing progression for me. Fear of loss, anger from others, abuse, retaliation, or hurting the ones I love, keeps the gag in my mouth and my throat chakra closed off. Suffering in silence is a very real state of being that many of us live with day in and day out. What happens for me when I keep the gag in place is the feeling that my soul is being crushed. With Mother's constant love and grace, I have come a long way with my unhealthy silence. But it still catches me by surprise sometimes, especially when I convince myself speaking up will hurt someone I love. But of course, what happens every time is that I hurt myself and I end up hurting them. This video is dear to me because I feel, for me, it is a huge piece in my self-empowerment. It is the end of shame and the powerful hold it sometimes still has on me.

When I feel empowered, I'm good to go. I don't need to control or manipulate others to get what I want or need. I don't have to pretend I know what's best for them because I don't. Only they know what's best for them or what they should do in any given situation. What I do have is energy and space to live my own life, take responsibility for myself, and serve others because it feels awesome to serve. For me, the high cost of my silence is my self-worth and love of self and my life. It's a joy stealer and intimacy wrecker. I'm actively learning to express myself rather than just thinking or talking about it. And that fills me with hope and adds a little to my empowerment every day.

If anyone of your friends is speaking out with #me too, please share this video with them if you feel it would be supportive and loving. Here's the link to share and post.

Let me know in the comments section if this one hits home for you. As always thank you so much for watching, commenting, and sharing Mother's videos.

I wish you the willingness and courage to express your beautiful self no matter what.



How To Know If Mother Mary’s Teachings Are Right For You

October 4, 2017

It is always my intention to provide access to anyone who feels drawn to Mother Mary as She manifests through me. It's why I create so many diverse ways to do so. Interacting with all of you as you explore these ways is one of the great joys in my life. Sharing Mother comes easily and naturally to me. What I love so much about our community of courageous souls is the diversity. We come from all walks of life, belief systems, gender identity, ethnicity, race, past pain and current joys. The common thread that weaves us together is our shared belief in the power of love. And of course the fact that we are all AWESOME!

I wanted to take the time and share my own insights about how to feel your way into this extraordinary community of generous, kind and glorious individuals. I welcome all who have the desire to know themselves through love. It is my honor to serve you and hold space for you.

Thank you so much for watching. Now it's your turn. When you watch Mother's videos, do you feel the way I describe in this video? Please share in the comment section below. 



Watch What Mother Mary Believes Is Extremely Important For You

September 20, 2017

What Mother Mary teaches in this video has been an ongoing theme of my growth and awakening to Self. I had developed a habit in my childhood of abandoning myself in just about every area of my life. At some point, I came to believe that everyone else's thoughts, feelings, and actions were more important than my own. In my late 20's I was introduced to the concept that my thoughts, feelings, and actions were equally as important as those of others. Not more so but equal to. I remember the first time someone looked me straight in the eyes and asked, "What do you want?" She wasn't asking me what flavor ice cream I was going to choose or how I was going to get my hair cut. Nor was she asking me what my dream career was. I knew she was asking me what I wanted for my life. Really.

The question paralyzed me because I had no answer. I was shocked to think I had no understanding of how to discover what the answer might be. I could rattle off a list of outside things I wanted for myself. Money, soul mate, stellar acting career, you know, the usual, but none of those things were it. When I was taught how to start showing up for myself it was a revelation for me. One of my first flashes of intuition told me this was a key for me. Fortunately, Mother gave me the grace and curiosity to keep showing up for myself, even if it was just a little bit each day. Sure enough, it has turned out to be a vital piece of my transition from self-loathing to self-love. Every day I show up for myself, even when I'm screwing up, is another day I get to feel equal to others rather than live in the illusion of being better than or less than.  Equality of being is a gateway to discovering what really matters to me in this life, what my heart and soul desire to experience, and the willingness to take the risk and do what I'm drawn to do.

I hope you're willing to receive the grace you need to show up for yourself today and every day. Mother is a powerful ally and can be your greatest advocate if you will allow her to be. She is amazing at reminding you that you are so worth it! Showing up for yourself is a radical act of love. Are you feeling a little radical today?

Let me know if you are. Thank you so much for watching. Leave a comment below or on Youtube and let me know how you're showing up for yourself today.