Are Your Needs Fulfilled? If Not, Why Not?

September 12, 2018

Many years ago someone asked me in the middle of a deeply personal conversation, "What do you need?" I stared at her frozen and feeling slightly panicked because I had no idea how to answer her. At that time my wants took up a lot of room in my mind and occasionally my desires made themselves known, but never my needs. I fulfilled the basics, usually with a sense of resentment, as in, I have to pay rent or my electric bill. I certainly never asked myself what I needed, I assumed I knew. That was my first mistake, assuming. Now, 25 years after first being asked that question, it's become a theme in my life. I've come to believe that without the fulfillment of my needs, my hearts desires will never see the light of day and my wants will all be based in accumulating lots of things rather than a quality of life. Today's wisdom from Mother is very timely for me. I've been forgetting to ask what I need and since I don't ask, it's hard to acknowledge I even have unfulfilled needs. And if I don't acknowledge them it's hard to allow them to be met.



So I'm asking today, "What do I need?" And I'm holding space to feel the answer, and look for ways to allow those needs to be met. And those ways are rarely obvious, at least to me. I think they will or should come from a particular source, and they end up coming from someone or someplace completely unexpected. That way I stay humble and out of the driver's seat so Mother can guide me in the way of fulfillment that suits me best.

What do you need? When was the last time you asked and made space for the fulfillment of your needs? I invite you to watch and receive Mother's love and focus on the fulfillment your needs so that your desires are nurtured and your wants are balanced.

Thank you so much for watching. Please leave a comment below and share how you feel when your needs are met.




How Much of Your shame Belongs to You? Do You Know?

August 22, 2018

When Mother asked this question I honestly didn't know the answer. I admit to being more focused on taking care of myself in the present as a highly sensitive person rather than focused on the past. But I'm learning that my child-self developed as a highly sensitive person without guidance or validation for my sensitivities. That took an enormous toll on me. My coping behaviors were created by a child and so still to this day have a childish feeling to them. Accepting that what I absorbed and hung on to from the people around me growing up is still with me today has been an important first step. Taking the actions Mother suggests in this video comes next.

This new video of Mother's is perfect for letting go of anything I'm still hanging onto out of childish beliefs or loyalties that don't serve me or any of the people I was trying to help in the first place. 



Mother's wisdom always fills me with such hope and Her new video is no exception. I can tell She is giving us what we need to release ourselves from the bondage of shame. I'm filled with gratitude for Her love and devotion to us all.

Thank you for watching Mother's latest teaching. Please leave a comment and let me know if it touched your heart. Share it with a friend you know could use some support with their shame.



Mother Mary’s Gift to You

August 8, 2018

Over the years Mother Mary has done a lot of meditations with groups and individuals. Her meditations are filled with love, wisdom and the energy to take you deep to find the stillness in your soul. Not every meditation resonates with every person. But I think this one will help most everyone begin a life-long practice that can heal on so many levels in both the conscious and unconscious Self. I hope you enjoy Her gift from Her heart to yours.

As always thank you for watching. I would love to hear from you about how Mother's newest meditation felt when you did it. Please share this with someone you know needs a little loving support right now.