Courage Isn’t What You Think It Is And You’ve Got It In Abundance

August 9, 2017

I needed to hear this teaching today. I appreciate Mother's view on courage. Sometimes it isn't enough to know I have it. I want to understand its origin and how it works too. I have a long history of collapsing in on myself and going for self-pity rather than self-empowerment. But that began changing as soon as I stepped on my spiritual path at 27 years old. It has been a slow change because I started with self-loathing and no self-esteem. I noticed that after I went through Mother's first online course in 2015, Let Go & Empower Your Life, I was able to shift my self-pity mindset dramatically. It felt like a huge shift, and it was, but I had been setting the foundation for years. 


Now courage flows more easily than ever before. What I got out of today's video is that there is always positive within the negative. Meaning that if I'm willing to feel courage in the midst of my challenges, those challenges have less of a hold on my life. If you're in need of some courage today, this video will bring you just what you're asking for.

Thanks so much for watching. I appreciate you being here so much! Please leave a comment below and tell me how courage is manifesting in your life today.

I hope you've been having a fantastic Summer!



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2 Energies That Have The Biggest Impact On Your Life

July 26, 2017

You are going to love this video! I know I probably say that a lot but this one brought tears to my eyes. Mother Mary talks about a subject near and dear to my heart, our shadow and light. As usual, Mother pours Her love into a subject that most of us run screaming from or just conveniently pretend doesn't exist. 

I'm living proof of Mother's suggestion that if we make friends with our shadow we will change our lives for the better. It has transformed my inner landscape dramatically and given me a level of compassion, patience, and love for myself that I never imagined was possible. As a result so much in my outer life has changed from pain and destruction to support and abundance. I love and am loved. So grateful. 

Watch Mother's wisdom and know that this is absolutely possible for you! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. It is such a joy interacting with all of you in the comments section. Thank you to those of you that share with us all. If you've never left a comment, don't be shy, community is where it's at.  :-) 



Are You Ready To Stop Trying To Fix Others?

July 12, 2017

Oh boy is this a big one for me. My answer-maybe, sort of, possibly? I need to stop trying to fix others because it never works and I use a lot of energy and time that would be better used elsewhere. Why, why, why do I do it, my lament goes. For me two dynamics are in play. One states that pain is bad and if someone I love or care about is in pain, I need to fix it  so they can be happy again. Their pain makes me uncomfortable. And I'll go to ridiculous lengths to feel comfortable again. The second one is the sad, old belief that if I can fix someones problem, I'll have earned their love and affection. This new teaching of Mother's brings home the understanding that the only person I'm trying to fix is myself and I suspect I'm just annoying others alone the way.

But am I or anyone else actually broken? Mother says no and I'm beginning to believe Her. Better to acknowledge that we all have a way out of our pain or problem. We may not know what it is in the moment, but if we're willing, the answer will come from within and outside ourselves. So now I'm trying to focus my efforts on support rather than endlessly suggesting solutions the moment someone expresses a problem. Even if I'm that someone. I want to know how I can support them or myself. "What do you need from me?" I ask myself and others when I remember Mother's words. So far I like the results.

Thanks for watching. I hope this made you go deeper and helped you discover another wonderful piece of Self, even if it was more shadow than light. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you're ready to stop this cycle or not.