You The Sacred Vessel

I confess even as I type that title into the box I cringe a bit on the inside. My critical self pipes up with, “Ha! As if!” But listening with my heart today during Mother’s livestream I was struck by the awareness that a thought is just a thought. It has relevance but I get to assign the level of importance it holds in my Being. Because I can just as quickly have the thought that my past doesn’t decide what sacred means. To believe that my life is precious is a leap at times for me. Believing your life is precious isn’t a stretch at all. I know it’s true! But that’s just a thought too. One that I classically assign greater importance to than the thought that says we’re equally precious.

Redistributing power from one thought to another is something that is a new practice for me. To notice and acknowledge a critical thought that has little to no basis in fact and not hook in and feed it is a practice I’m diving into on a level I’ve never done before. Hundreds if not thousands of thoughts pop up in my brain throughout the day. It’s starting to be okay that some of the thoughts I have about myself are the same as what’s on the grocery list. They have their place but aren’t earth-shattering in their significance. Oh.

Today’s teaching felt urgent for me. Not in the way of-you better hurry up and take better care of yourself otherwise something horrible is going to happen-but more like, you deserve to be happy and free of misery. Simple. Profound. I hope you enjoy Mother’s wisdom. Let me know in the comments how it resonated with you.

Much love,

4 thoughts on “You The Sacred Vessel”

  1. Wow great video, the concept of being in service to our digestive system never crossed my mind! It’s now going to be a number one priority Thankyou Danielle and Mother most grateful 🙏😊

    1. So welcome Alison. I love knowing you’re across the pond watching and sharing your love with us all. 💙

  2. Wow!!! This really spoke to my soul. 😊 I have been dealing with a chronic issue with my right leg for a number of years now. No medical professional was able to offer a solution. I have never given up hope but I have often felt lost. Mother Mary reassured me through this video that my suffering has a deeper purpose. I often feel guilty to devote so much time to taking care of myself. But thanks to Mother’s advice I will dedicate even more time to healing and strive to be more consistent. I now have my “why”. Thank you, Danielle and Mother, for providing this wonderful service. Sending much love to you. 💞

    1. You’re so welcome Julie. Thank you for watching and sharing your experience with us. Finding an answer to a problem isn’t always a straight line to the solution. I too have had to practice patience and courage in the void of not knowing for many years. But it has brought me into the orbit of so many amazing experiences and people that finding the solution to the original problem would still be great but, I know I’ll be okay if I don’t. Big hugs to you. 💖

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