The Joy of Community

I just got home from an extraordinary experience. One of our beloved community members, Carissa Schumacher, invited me to channel Mother at her recent retreat in Park City Utah. She is an incredibly gifted forensic medium and has been sharing her gifts with others for most of her life. But recently a change has occurred in her Being and she is now serving as a vessel for the embodiment of Yeshua. Yeshua was seeded in her channel a little over 10 years ago and last October at Mother’s retreat at Elohee, She helped bring Him forth so that Carissa could embody Him more fully to begin their journey of teaching and guiding others.

Mother and Yeshua are powerful aspects of divine masculine and feminine and are One while still offering unique expressions of love through those that channel them. They decided that They wanted to be embodied at the same time for this particular retreat. And oh boy let me tell you, they raised the roof! It was awesome. I never know for sure but I believe we may do more of these in the future.

I bring all this up because at one point during the retreat Yeshua spoke about community. Come-Unity. He invited all to enter into community more deeply with self, other, the natural world, and the divine. Or come to unity with the One. And what did Mother offer in yesterday’s livestream, yup, you guessed it, community. She went deeper into the power of community and I could feel Yeshua so present during Mother’s offering.

So here it is. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to let go and choose, cultivate, welcome, community into your life.

Much love,

6 thoughts on “The Joy of Community”

  1. Danielle, loved this week’s message — I was part of Jon Marc Hammer’s sessions of channeling Yeshua (which happened in Ashland, OR years ago) & still have two big boxes of tapes of those that I want to listen to again — so inspiring. Would love to attend a retreat with Mother & Yeshua — WOW!!! Love to you.

    1. Yes WOW is right Share. Love all the folks that channel the Light no matter the name or form. It would be awesome to have you there! xoxo

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