What Nurtures You?

As soon as Mother asked this question in today’s Livestream, I immediately wanted to make a list. So I created a Facebook post and listed some of the main things that nurture me. The first thing I noticed about my list is how much all of these things are a part of my daily life. None of them were reserved for a special occasion. None of them were a sometimes thing.

It was only a small list and one I could add to but I was so grateful that everything on that list is active in my life today. It provided the opportunity for me to ask and answer Mother’s question and realize how committed I am to nurturing my whole self. I especially liked what Mother said about these things evolving as I do and if one of them stops feeling as nurturing as I need it to be it’s not because I’ve done anything wrong but rather something right. Huh?!

Being aware and accepting my growth and evolution allows me to replace what’s no longer as effective as I need it to be rather than drop it because I fear it’s my fault that it’s no longer working. Today’s video was simple and yet deeply profound for me. I know that when I immediately want to take action after receiving Her wisdom, I need to let myself take that action and pay attention to what’s transpiring inside me!

I hope you enjoy today’s video. Let me know in the comments how it felt for you.


2 thoughts on “What Nurtures You?”

  1. Alexandra Sampaio

    I am deeply grateful for Momma’s messages. This one resonates with me a lot.
    Thank you, my beloved Mother. I was missing these livestreams.
    Thank you, Danielle.
    I love you both deeply.

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