Free Will VS Oneness

Today’s livestream was just what I needed. I live in the U.S. and after last week’s riot at the Capital, I’ve been contemplating my connection to all that took place. While Mother doesn’t reference that event directly, Her teaching today directly addressed the perspective we all need to cultivate moving forward. I find the idea that what happens to me, happens to all and vise versa both comforting and frightening. No matter how hard I might try to distance myself from the actions of others, that effort won’t get me very far, literally. I may not be directly responsible for the actions of others but those actions are still happening to me energetically.

It’s easy for my mind to cling to the illusion that if I’m not being affected physically, then it’s not happening to me directly. No wonder highly sensitive people find it tough to live in this world at times. If everything is happening to all of us all the time on some level then there really is no us and them, only we.

So maybe my free will isn’t so much about being able to do what ever I want whenever I want but rather it’s a facet of the One. I’m given the gift of consciousness, not omnipotence. This was a deep one for me today and Mother has left me with much to contemplate.

Do you find it difficult sometimes to embrace the we? Is it more comforting to divide yourself into us and them or sometimes even us VS them? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Much love,