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The Essence of Being

These recordings are from Mother’s 4-day retreat at the Elohee Center in the North Georgia Mountains from Autumn 2019.

Busy lives can create energetic overload in our beings. We’re often focused so intently on doing and accomplishing that we forget the power of just being. If we become too overloaded it can lead to increased anxiety, depression, and feeling stuck or lost. When that starts to become our daily life it’s easy to fall into despair. You may feel as though life isn’t working out the way you’d hoped, or that you don’t have any choices, you have to continue the way you’re going now. These feelings can overwhelm your awareness and convince you that you’re more limited than you actually are.

Discovering how to be with yourself, life, and the divine is one of the most dynamic keys to empowerment and serenity. Being makes up a full half of a healthy and balanced life. Doing and accomplishing your goals is fantastic but not at the expense of your joy in living. Mother teaches you how to connect more deeply with yourself and the divine for revitalization, clarity, and joy.

This set of recordings includes 8 audio MP3s. The total time is about 8 hours and 50 minutes. 

You will be emailed the download link. All the tracks are zipped into one file. Please allow time for the full download onto your computer (480+ MG). If you have tech questions, email [email protected].


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