Class Audios

  • The Beloved

    Mother Mary will help us to find peace with our choice to pursue this love as spiritual seekers. She knows the challenges we face accepting our unique choices in this life and the sometimes painful results of those choices. But most important She explores with us the profound sense of Oneness that comes from communion with the spirit world and the sense of rightness it gives us to be a part of it.

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  • Make Time for Love

    Mother Mary will spend this time with you, helping you discover the parts of your life that long to be nourished with love. She will teach you how to bring love into any situation, relationship, and endeavor. When you can do that, you have a lightness of being, clarity, and a sense of rightness that will energize all that you do.

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  • Spiritual Freedom

    Mother Mary focuses on creating the energy of spiritual freedom and offer ways to discover what that means for you. She will help you understand how you may be getting in the way of freedom and change your behavior enough to give it greater importance in your daily life.

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  • Your Light Within

    Mother Mary will teach us about the healing aspects of our light, how to focus in on it and direct it for our benefit and the benefit of others. She will help us to understand the importance of allowing our light to be the conscious force that directs our thinking and behavior. Once you feel this power for yourself, Mother knows you will happily share it with others freely to help them on their journey

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