The Power of Honesty

Free Will VS Oneness

Today’s livestream was just what I needed. I live in the U.S. and after last week’s riot at the Capital, I’ve been contemplating my connection to all that took place. While Mother doesn’t reference that event directly, Her teaching today directly addressed the perspective we all need to cultivate moving forward. I find the idea …

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Mother Mary Reveals The Power Of Honesty

This is a particularly meaningful teaching for me today. There are certain types of people that when I’m in a relationship with them, I lose myself.  They can be wonderful, loving, and just great people. But what they have in common is an intensity of pain over years and years that I struggle to be around. …

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What Are Your Deadly Distractions?

Oh my goodness does this teaching hit home for me. I know these distractions stem from my core burdens in my deepest shadow. But they’re the very things that drive me crazy! I’m able to have tremendous compassion for my core burdens, but these things are my biggest source of impatience and frustration directed at …

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