How Much of Your shame Belongs to You? Do You Know?

August 22, 2018

When Mother asked this question I honestly didn't know the answer. I admit to being more focused on taking care of myself in the present as a highly sensitive person rather than focused on the past. But I'm learning that my child-self developed as a highly sensitive person without guidance or validation for my sensitivities. That took an enormous toll on me. My coping behaviors were created by a child and so still to this day have a childish feeling to them. Accepting that what I absorbed and hung on to from the people around me growing up is still with me today has been an important first step. Taking the actions Mother suggests in this video comes next.

This new video of Mother's is perfect for letting go of anything I'm still hanging onto out of childish beliefs or loyalties that don't serve me or any of the people I was trying to help in the first place. 



Mother's wisdom always fills me with such hope and Her new video is no exception. I can tell She is giving us what we need to release ourselves from the bondage of shame. I'm filled with gratitude for Her love and devotion to us all.

Thank you for watching Mother's latest teaching. Please leave a comment and let me know if it touched your heart. Share it with a friend you know could use some support with their shame.



Mother Mary’s Gift to You

August 8, 2018

Over the years Mother Mary has done a lot of meditations with groups and individuals. Her meditations are filled with love, wisdom and the energy to take you deep to find the stillness in your soul. Not every meditation resonates with every person. But I think this one will help most everyone begin a life-long practice that can heal on so many levels in both the conscious and unconscious Self. I hope you enjoy Her gift from Her heart to yours.

As always thank you for watching. I would love to hear from you about how Mother's newest meditation felt when you did it. Please share this with someone you know needs a little loving support right now.




Mother Mary Shows You How to Break the Cycle of Shame

July 25, 2018

All I can say is that for me, shame is the number one most corrosive feeling that I have inside myself. I've recently been learning a lot about shame, particularly as it relates to myself as a highly sensitive person and an empath.

Growing up in a family that didn't understand my sensitivities wasn't so much about not being loved, I know that I was, but more about being shamed for my needs and feelings. And like most children, as I matured I just carried on this habit of shaming my needs and feelings.

I'm 53 years old and for many generations, shame has been used as a parenting method in the home and as a teaching method in schools. All in the hopes of churning out little adults that fit neatly into a certain mold with a ready-made mindset that fits nicely into society. Ugh! 

Thank goodness that is changing as the therapeutic community discovers more healthy ways to help people parent and teach children about themselves and the effect their behavior has on others without using shame to do it.

As I discover just how much shame has corroded my self-confidence, self-acceptance and most importantly the love I feel for myself, I'm inspired to break through my shame cycles. Every time I change things inside a little bit more, I'm astounded at how my confidence and love for myself grows by leaps and bounds.  It seems to me that when I'm willing to do a little on the inside, the results are huge. 

If the subject of shame is one that you still struggle with, you won't want to miss Mother's new 3 part class series, From Surviving to Thriving. Registration opens on August 6th. Mother will focus on those of us who are highly sensitive people and/or empaths and help us to identify and change those shame cycles that keep us miserable and unhealthy. Yay! I 'm really looking forward to these classes.

Thank you so much for watching Mother's latest video. I hope you get what you need from it. Please leave a comment below and let me know what's working to break your shame cycles. If you know anyone who could use a little of Mother's love and wisdom, please share Her video.

Have a fantastic day 💗