Mother Shares How to Be a Light-Bringer in Times of Darkness

October 10, 2018

I really needed to hear Mother's wisdom on this subject. She wanted to create this video because of all the deep and often violent unrest that is erupting all over the world right now. I needed to be reminded that the collective changes and evolves the same way that I do as an individual. What does that look like you might wonder? Much like your own, I'm guessing. Change for me is a destructive, wonderous, healing experience every single time. It usually begins with confusion, struggle, and a sense that something is coming or a part of me is dying. Then I move into the pissed off stage that pairs beautifully with the why me rant that leaves me frustrated and feeling the need to defend myself against phantom slights from others. I'm sort of flailing about with bursts of insight followed by small temper tantrums and minor depressions. But then something truly miraculous happens, I feel myself expanding within, filling with more love and light than I ever thought I would experience in this life. I start to get excited about the change and my belief shifts from oh no what's going to happen, to, I can't wait to see what happens.


I've come to feel enormous compassion for my process of transformation and so I need to extend the same compassion when the collective is lurching and flailing through their evolution as well. After all, I'm a part of the collective. Bringing down the light for this world and pouring love into that space will help me find peace with our shift. After listening to Mother's grace, I can see how similar my process is to our process. I think we're right in the middle where it's always the worst. It feels impossible, that things are sliding into unending chaos. But Her new video reminds me that this is only one of the many stages of evolution and if I'm willing to serve with love and kindness, along with all of you, then I know that anything's possible. Let's join together and fill this world with light and hold space for change, knowing it's already happening. Today I'm choosing faith over fear. What will you choose?

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Much love and light,


Mother Reveals the 3 Things That Will Improve You Sexual Self-Expression

September 26, 2018

To be completely honest, I'm uncomfortable writing about mine or anyone else's sexual expression. I definitely fall into the category of repressed. And that has been a source of sadness and shame my whole adult life. Even though I'm more comfortable in my own skin now, I've been realizing that my sexuality is a very big part of my overall self-expression. So I've begun to notice how I feed my repression in every area of my life. It seems safer to think of my sexuality as separate or occasionally something that is part of my life, but I suspect it goes much deeper than that. I'm coming to believe that my outward sexual self-expression is only a small part of my vital wholeness. It is my inner sexuality that is my focus. How much do I perceive myself as a sexual, sensual being even without engaging in sex? Not much I'm afraid. Mother's latest video has inspired me to really look at my perception of my sexuality, how I compartmentalize it, separate myself from it, and ultimately refuse to acknowledge how important sexual energy is to my overall health and well being.

What I love so much about this teaching of Mother's is Her absolute simplicity. These three things seem like the perfect place to start in setting myself free. I'm hoping to relieve myself of all the major beliefs that contain my true, natural self in this lifetime. I hope these three things give you a place to start in your our reclamation of your sexual self. Happy exploring!

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Are Your Needs Fulfilled? If Not, Why Not?

September 12, 2018

Many years ago someone asked me in the middle of a deeply personal conversation, "What do you need?" I stared at her frozen and feeling slightly panicked because I had no idea how to answer her. At that time my wants took up a lot of room in my mind and occasionally my desires made themselves known, but never my needs. I fulfilled the basics, usually with a sense of resentment, as in, I have to pay rent or my electric bill. I certainly never asked myself what I needed, I assumed I knew. That was my first mistake, assuming. Now, 25 years after first being asked that question, it's become a theme in my life. I've come to believe that without the fulfillment of my needs, my hearts desires will never see the light of day and my wants will all be based in accumulating lots of things rather than a quality of life. Today's wisdom from Mother is very timely for me. I've been forgetting to ask what I need and since I don't ask, it's hard to acknowledge I even have unfulfilled needs. And if I don't acknowledge them it's hard to allow them to be met.



So I'm asking today, "What do I need?" And I'm holding space to feel the answer, and look for ways to allow those needs to be met. And those ways are rarely obvious, at least to me. I think they will or should come from a particular source, and they end up coming from someone or someplace completely unexpected. That way I stay humble and out of the driver's seat so Mother can guide me in the way of fulfillment that suits me best.

What do you need? When was the last time you asked and made space for the fulfillment of your needs? I invite you to watch and receive Mother's love and focus on the fulfillment your needs so that your desires are nurtured and your wants are balanced.

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