Mother Asks, What’s Your Story? Part 2

April 10, 2019

If you give it some thought, it's easy to see how our lives are filled with stories. We share stories about our experiences, our beliefs, and our dreams with each other daily. I'm loving Mother's perspective on this universal truth. What is my story? Is it a supportive story? Do I cast love as the hero and fear as the villain? And if so does that really work for me? Or could I learn to cast both love and fear as the hero, light and shadow in supporting roles? I'm taking a long look at the question, how attached to my own narrative am I? Do I allow my story to be edited and refined or do I cling to certain parts of it with a death grip?


When I'm willing to take a look at these questions and allow my curiosity to explore some possible answers I discover that it's Mother who gives me the power to unclench from that death grip like hold I have on my story or someone else's story and at least look at the possibility of adding to or letting go of the parts that don't express who I am now as accurately as I'd like. It's Her grace that helps me to step back and listen to my own story for ways to refine, or add some small element that will make for a stronger more inclusive, less damaging narrative. My story helps me make sense of my life. It puts things in context for my mind to follow. I'm grateful that Mother is moving me into a story that includes my whole self and not just my mind. I find it makes for a much better life, one with less tragedy and a lot more love.

Thank you so much for all your loving words for Part 1 of Mother's video series. I hope Part 2 brings you as much joy. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Are you starting to hear your own story and that of others? 



Mother Asks, What’s Your Story? Part 1

March 27, 2019

Mother has begun something new. She's created a video series about personal stories. These are the stories we tell ourselves and others, the stories that shape our lives and the stories that define our perceptions. As usual, Mother has brought the element of love and light to this exploration. I'm not sure yet how many videos this series will have but I do know it's packed with wisdom, new ideas, and practical guidance to help us all. Every day Mother helps me to understand more deeply the dance of shadow and light in my life. With each video She's bringing to our awareness the need to expand our view of life and embrace what we once thought impossible.



I hope this video series calls to something inside you that's ready to blossom. It definitely feels right on point for me. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Do you aware of your own stories? Share Mother's wisdom with a friend so you can explore this together.

Much love,

Danielle 💕

Mother Mary Raises Your Vibration

February 27, 2019

All I can say is WOW. This is an incredibly powerful video. If you want to raise your vibrational frequency with Mother in order to hold more light and offer more light to those you love, you'll not only want to watch this video once but many times. I can feel the power that She infused in this teaching reaching out and wrapping around us all. If you're anything like me you want to bring more light to our world and help others to trust in the light and love that exists inside them. Raising our own vibrations is a positive action we can take to add to the solution so desperately needed in our world.


So take a light break with Mother and pass this on to anyone you know who is trying to raise their own frequency to become stronger in the light and love of the divine.

Much love to you all,