Being Happy During Difficult Times

What a fantastic Livestream today! Not only did Mother give an inspiring teaching about the incredible benefits of service, the community asked some great questions that I got to answer afterward. Service is a way of life for me. I love being of service to others. When I co-create service with Mother I’m uplifted, fulfilled, strengthened, empowered, humbled, centered, joyful, content. All of that happens when I’m of service for the simple joy of doing service. But if I try and serve to get mine, or so you’ll like/respect/love me, I feel depleted, flat, resentful, frustrated, tired, and discontent.

My shadow loves to try and convince me through the feeling of anxiety that letting go of my focus on my self-centered fears will create a disastrous outcome. Yet the opposite has always been true for me. Humility doesn’t always come easily to me. My fears and problems, while valid and deserving of some consideration, aren’t nearly as earth-shatteringly important as I like to believe. If I just let go of the strangle-hold I have on my fears, step out of the way, and be of service, miraculous things happen. Every. Time.

I hope you enjoy Mother’s newest offering. Let me know in the comments what service does for you when it’s done in co-creation with the Divine. Let’s inspire each other.


4 thoughts on “Being Happy During Difficult Times”

  1. Oh. My. Gosh!!! YES! YES! YES!!! My soul is screaming to be of service. In Authentic Movement today, I went into this beautiful prayer with the Sun, and healing service. Now it makes so much sense why I feel such joy and gratitude when I get to do this. Thank you as always. Such deep gratitude for all you and Mother do for us!

  2. Thank you Danielle and Mother. How perfectly wonderful. Both your explanations are great and so relatable. I always thought my life was in service, but now I can really direct this intent to you and the divine creation. This conscious connection and choice is changing me and my life remarkably. Our collaboration is the new way of the future for humanity and the earth. Thank you with all my heart. With love, Ingrid

    1. Beautifully put Ingrid. I feel that same metamorphosis happening as well. The deeper I go into service the better my life becomes. Thank you for your service in this world. 💙🙏

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