Awareness Acceptance Action, Oh My

Mother has taught me and many others the secret to a happy, healthy, and loving life is willingness. In order to show up for my life and make any shifts or experience any growth I have to be willing. So I spend a lot of my time asking Mother to help me become willing. Even if I’m unaware of a specific thing I need to be willing for I just know that I need as much as possible in order to continue to relax into my true self.

The 3 A’s, awareness, acceptance, and action require me to be willing. I have experienced the power of these 3 things in my life again and again. I’m sold on their transformative qualities that transcend my mind and encompass my whole self. But when I find myself struggling with any or all 3 of these things I look to my level of willingness. And sure enough, I often find that what I want is results without effort. As soon as I’m willing to acknowledge that truth (awareness) I’m able to ask Mother for the willingness to become willing.

Skirting effort can sometimes be a go-to reaction when faced with a vague feeling that something isn’t right. I’ve come to feel on a deeply intuitive level that it’s in the effort that I discover my freedom and renew my faith. The way Mother describes this organic process in today’s livestream is reflective of my own experience if I’m willing to have it.

Do you notice a difference in the triple A’s when you’re willing? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy Mother’s latest offering.