Why Are Chakras Important to Your Wellbeing?

After listening to Mother’s teaching on the chakras and their importance in our lives, I’m beginning to rethink a few things. It can be difficult to grasp sometimes the power we’ve been given as human beings. I’m occasionally overwhelmed by the generosity of evolution. We’ve been given so many ways in which to strengthen and balance ourselves on every level. After listening to what Mother had to share about the role chakras play in our lives, I find myself in awe and a bit intimidated. Not that anything She taught was too complicated but rather like being given a privilege I’m not able to fully appreciate.

Mother has been focused on the chakras for a couple of years now, but previous to that, not so much. I forget sometimes that just because She doesn’t normally answer questions about the future, doesn’t mean She’s incapable of knowing what’s coming energetically or what’s the most likely outcome physically. I suspect that when it comes to our reality She’s omniscient.

She has also been focused on earth energies in a way She hasn’t been before 2019. The shift to a new age on the planet is something of a new focus despite our work together being part of the new age/metaphysical movement since 1994. So I’m paying attention.

I’m excited about this series. It feels relevant on many different levels. I hope you find it so as well. Leave a comment below about how it feels to you and maybe what you’re getting out of the upcoming meditations.

Much love,