The Wisdom of Your Soul

Do you take your soul for granted? I definitely do! In the first few years that I began my conscious relationship with Mother, I often forgot to sit with Her when I was struggling with a problem. I remember talking to friends about whatever was going on and inevitably they would ask, “Have you prayed about it with Mother?” Uh, no. No, I hadn’t even thought to do it. Here I had this endless source of love literally filling me daily and I couldn’t remember to go to Her with my life events.

There was always that moment when they would finish asking the question where I felt a complete blank inside, like, what do you know, I could do that couldn’t I? As if the concept was so foreign as to be unimaginable that something would be there for me no matter what and in every moment. Fortunately, that’s not the case today. But as I was listening to Mother speak during today’s Livestream I couldn’t help feeling the same as I did back then.

Oh yeah, I do have a divine source inside me that is……! Giving my soul more trust so that I can experience its wisdom seems like an easy sell, so why do I forget so often? I believe it comes down to what we all did in School of Love this past year and that was to acknowledge, accept, and love our true self-worth. My soul is my essence. I’ve spent so many years downplaying myself due to a lack of understanding about my worth that ignoring my soul was the best way to maintain my inferiority and low self-esteem.

I am waking up to my soul, my essence, my glory! Let’s do it together. It’s so much better when we do. I hope you enjoy today’s video. Let me know what bubbles up inside you when you watch.

Much love,

8 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Your Soul”

  1. This was so beautiful and just what I needed to hear! I was so emotional listening to this message. What a wonderful gift. Thank you Mother and Danielle for your words, energy, and grace.

  2. It was so beautiful, reassuring and humbling to hear Mother guide us in how to connect with our Soul that it brought such tears of gratitude and joy. Thank you dear Mother for your beautiful Gifts, your love and Grace. It was really exactly what I needed to hear at this particular time of what I am going through in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you dearest Danielle for being Mother’s channel to us.
    Dear Divine Mother I love you

    1. Big hugs to you dearrest Holly. I’m so glad you’re a part of our beloved community. It is such a joy to serve. Mother’s grace enlivens us all! 💖

  3. Alexandra Sampaio

    I haven´t been watching live videos as much as I like to but Momma’s words and energy keep filling my heart and soul deeply.
    I keep forgetting my light, my worth, my soul and I feel depleted.
    It’s so amazing to listen to Momma’s wisdom and to feel her unconditional love.
    I am blessed with your presence, Momma.
    I am blessed with your presence, Danielle.
    We are all One indeed.
    Thank you so so much for these livestreams.
    A kiss of light.

    1. You are so beautiful Alexandra! You’re light is radiant. Anytime you forget Mother will remind you for sure. Big hugs to you. 💞💞💞

  4. This was so touching and beautiful. I absolutely love this teaching and it resonates deeply. Thank you. Thank you!!!

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