Mother Asks, What’s Your Story Part 3

In this continuation of Mother’s powerful life-changing teaching about our personal stories, She begins the deep dive with actions designed to get you laser focused on what story you’re ready to rewrite and why it’s time to do so. I can only speak for myself, but I know this process works.

Too often I use my ability to ignore what insight I do receive about one of my stories so I won’t have to make any changes. I look but I don’t see. I hear but I don’t listen. I feel but I don’t acknowledge. That way I get to stay in my comfortable patterns even if they make me unhappy. But when I’m deeply honest with myself and see, listen, and acknowledge the truth then write it all down, I move one big step closer to becoming willing to change.



Once it’s written down I can no longer avoid why this part of my story needs to change. The magic of self-honesty broadens my understanding of just how bound in unhappiness certain parts of the story make me. It’s almost as if before I put it all down on paper I can’t appreciate the good nor fully realize the bad. By maintaining a lack of clarity I neither get the full benefit nor feel all the pain. Basically, I keep myself just numb enough to stay in an old version of safety. I have found that I would always rather feel the normal pain of life than stay numb and live only a half-life.

With Mother in my life I’m much braver and willing to dive into these kinds of experiences of self-discovery because I know She’s got my back, and my front, and every possible side. 🥰 And if She’s got me, She definitely has you too. Let me know in the comment section below if Mother’s process is working to illuminate the stories of your life that are ready and excited to shift.

Please share Mother’s video with your friends and loved ones who you feel need a shift in their story.

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful spring. 🦋🌸🌈☔️