I began channeling Mother Mary in 1994. The question I am asked most often is, “How did it happen?” I was newly on a spiritual path and did not know much about alternative spiritual practices. I was exploring everything that came my way. I soaked it all up like a sponge and couldn’t wait to learn more.

While having a deep meditation, where I felt I was traveling outside my usual realm of consciousness, Mother came to me. I experienced Her presence in the whole of my being. Her Light was endless and unquenchable. She saturated me in Her unconditional love and compassion. I had never experienced anything like Her before. I felt Her tell me that we had an agreement, in this life, that I channel Her. She asked if I still wished to fulfill this agreement. Everything inside of me said YES! Even though I wasn’t at all sure what She meant by channel Her, I knew every moment of my life had prepared me for doing just that. The clarity was astonishing.

The most wonderful thing of all was the feeling from Her that I could have said no, and Her love for me would be exactly the same. Since that day I have put Her love to the test many times and proven to myself it is true. Since I became consciously aware of Mother Mary in my life, I wish I could tell you it has all been great, but that would not be true. Sometimes I make things difficult and much more complicated than they need to be. Mother always shows me the way back and gives me the love I need to find my way.

If we were to compare notes our lives would look very similar. I do not have any special enlightened gift that makes me one of Her channels. I was not raised a Catholic, nor am I one now. My experience of Mother is that She transcends religion and dwells within the heart of the individual. The life She has offered me, and I have had the courage to receive, one day at a time, has been beyond my wildest dreams. My relationship with Mother does not make me immune from the difficulties of life, but Her Grace gives me all I need to be at peace no matter what is occurring.

If you desire more depth in your life, I promise you Mother will provide it. You do not need me to have a deep and abiding relationship with Her, but for many I am a useful tool.