Are You Prepared for the Coming Global Changes?

Have you been feeling a stronger pull to get healthy, clean out closets, get outside, reconnect with friends? I have too. In this video Mother tells us that it’s all part of the global changes that are happening right now. I’ve decided to just go with it. I’m refining my self-care routine to include lots of nature and spending time with loved ones. I’m loosing interest in entertainment and gaining interest in the simple world around me. I feel a drive to improve my health I’ve never experienced to this extent before. My wants are becoming less important and my needs are feeling essential not just to my survival but to my happiness.

For me, School of Love, Mother’s annual online course, has been my prep school for all these changes that are happening on an energetic and physical level on the planet. All the effort I’ve made each year has been pivotal in me being able to greet these changes with joy and excitement rather than fear. I feel as though I’m riding the momentum that Mother speaks of in this video. My choice is to say YES! to this global transformation and do what I can to strengthen my ability to serve with love and joy.

I hope you enjoy this weeks livestream. I loved it!

Take extra good care of yourself. Put your bare feet in the grass if you can and soak in the healing energy of Gaia, Momma Earth.


6 thoughts on “Are You Prepared for the Coming Global Changes?”

  1. Mother you always pop up at the right time with the on spot messages that I need to hear. Thank you so much for always being there comforting me when I see the world around me swirling out of control. I must say since March I have felt a shift like no other and it continues to move faster as time goes on. Thank you Mother for helping me to understand what is happening to me.
    Danielle I can’t thank you enough for bringing Mother in weekly. I love the messages she gives us and it is always helpful. Thanks for being of Service! Love you! Shirley

    1. Love you too Shirley! She does have a way of popping up in our lives, doesn’t She? I love it! I’m so glad you’ve been watching and feeling the shifts. It always makes me happy knowing you’re on the journey with me. Big hugs.

  2. Thank you so much Danielle and Mother! Always so fantastical! Looking forward to participating in the Peace meditation next week!
    What joyous times! X0

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