Mother Mary Shares The Gratitude of Angels With You

I want to begin by saying Thank You! It’s been another fantastic year of bringing Mother Mary videos to all of you. I appreciate all your love, support, comments, and dedication to Mother’s video teachings. This year Mother ends on a beautiful note of gratitude and angels. The perfect combination to see us through the end of the year. I’ll have more videos for you in January 2019. I’m so grateful you’re a part of my life. Have a fantastic conclusion to 2018.

My wish for you is to know loving joy and a deep sense of peace within.ย 

Holiday hugs to you,



6 thoughts on “Mother Mary Shares The Gratitude of Angels With You”

  1. Thank you so much Danielle and Mother Mary….. to remind us all of how grateful we should be … wonderful video I am very grateful for these videos. Thank you love too you both from England. Looking forward too 2019 , have a lovely holiday season xx

    1. You’re so welcome Alison. I really appreciate you watching and sharing your love. Hope your holidays are joyful. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  2. I am greatly appreciating this sharing and the devotion from Mother Mary and Danielle and the incalculable, incredible gift of the angelic realm. many thanks

  3. Most grateful that you have shared this video – exactly what I needed today. Thank you Mothrr for the reminder of support readily available to me in every moment, if only I choose to ask and receive. Love, love, love to you and Danielle!

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