Will You Manifest Your Heart’s Desires?

Mother Mary addresses a question we have all had at one time or another in our lives, will I manifest my heart’s desires in this life? She dives right into the heart of the issue by addressing the difference between wanting something and a hearts desire. In just a few minutes She clears up so many misconceptions that often stand in the way of finding where our inner compass is actually directing us. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. I need to be reminded that wanting is fine but if I’m going to invest my energy into something, it needs to be something that is aligned with my soul. As we all know there are no guarantees that life will work out the way we wish and sometimes hope it will. People come and go in our lives, illnesses and issues abate or they don’t, but for me I want to live my day-to-day, moment-to-moment engaged in experiences that touch my soul and are saturated in love no matter what the outcome.

May you find your hearts desires and the courage to bring them to life in the world.

Love, Danielle