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Welcoming Gifts from the Universe

In January 2011 Mother held this workshop in Los Angeles; it was recorded, giving you a chance to now experience “Welcoming Gifts From the Universe.” We all want so many things for ourselves and those we love, but how well do we receive what is given?

In this weekend together Mother Mary shared Her life force and wisdom, creating a new perspective for those who choose to participate. We strive to see all of life as an opportunity. Mother is offering you the chance to feel it. Imagine your life if you could deeply transform that one perception that tells you, you only deserve a limited amount of gifts or none at all. Join us and learn to recognize and not just receive but to welcome gifts from the universe.

Five audios are included; the total time is approximately 6 hours.

You will be emailed the download link. All the tracks are zipped into one file. Please allow time for it to fully download onto your computer. If you have tech questions, email [email protected].


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