Mother’s Very Important Reminder For Your Happiness

I needed to hear this today. The very specific reminder of my own power was much needed. My personal power may not look flashy or super-hero worthy on the outside, but on the inside, it’s making a profound difference in my life every time I’m willing to embrace it. Welcoming and rejoicing in my free will has been a life-long endeavor. It’s been a gradual awakening and maturing of my undeveloped self. With Mother’s love and guidance, I don’t fear my own radiance as I once did. Because I’m crystal clear that my light flows from Her light. My light is a thing of wonder to me now rather than something to keep hidden so nothing too difficult will be asked or demanded of me. What I’m discovering is that it is, in fact, my light that gives me the power to do what I’m being guided to do. I never get left twisting in the wind without help or support and never left without love. Mother has never and would never do that to me or any of us.

Are you willing to stop fearing your power, your light, your love, your free will? Mother knows you are and I invite you to let go a little each day and welcome yourself home. Let me know what you think of Mother’s latest teaching by leaving a comment below. When we share with each other something magical happens.