Break the Chains of Fear That Bind You Part 1

This has definitely been my theme song for the last few years. I’m not exactly sure when but I realized one day that I was tired of how much fear still dominated my life. And I don’t just mean that kind of annoyed tired or the can’t-wait-to-put-my-feet-up-at-the-end-of-the-day tired, but the kind of bone-deep tired that made me feel as though I was trapped and I’d never find my way out. My response to that realization was, no thank you. I’ve been with Mother long enough to know that if I’ve found my way into something, with Her help, I can find my way back out. 

She has been helping me to consciously recognize where I’m bound up by fear and what it costs me to stay that way. Fear can be a subtle experience. It can hide inside habits that seem harmless. Yet when I shine a light on them I start to see how damaging those habits are and how much fear is driving their continuation. The very best part is that once I become conscious of a particular fear and feel the effects of it in my life, She then shows me how to break my chains and set myself free. 

Breaking free of fear is not an easy or quick process but it is always worthwhile if I’m at least willing to try. Are you at the point of saying no thank you to your fear? Is so you’ll love today’s video. Mother shows you how to engage in the process of setting yourself free from the fears that keep you stuck with Her simple yet profound wisdom. Take a chance, and discover what life is like with a little less fear in it.

Let me know what you think of today’s video by leaving a comment below. Thank you so much for watching.