How to Create Big Positive Change With One Small Action

July 11, 2016

I don't know about you, but I find that I'm craving a simple life to a greater degree than ever before. Everyday I am in relationship with Mother and hold Her energy in my body, the more sensitive I become. My dreams and possibilities are expanding and it is tempting to turn the tasks that come with that into busy work. Being reactive is how I started my spiritual journey. I can only speak for myself but reacting to life instead of acting on life got me into a lot of situations that felt small and destructive to my well being.

The video below is one of Mother's teachings that I adore, simple, profound and very doable. But the best part is how I feel after I've done it. Making space brings the impossible into the possible. You're going to love this tool She is offering today. Integrate it into your life and you will discover a way of living that puts you in touch with your inner compass easily and consistently. Please leave a comment either here or on You Tube and let me know how you liked it, or didn't. I would love to hear from you. ENJOY!

Welcome To Mother Mary’s Blog

June 25, 2016

Mother and I are moving more and more into video as a way of sharing Her messages and Her love with all who seek it. It is an amazing media that has become easier and easier to do. I hope to release a new video every two weeks. These videos will be fairly short like most of the other videos on my YouTube channel so it isn't a big investment of time for you to watch them. But the energy, love and inspiration Mother pours into Her words will light your path and bring you comfort and guidance when you need it.

To make it easier not to miss out on any of the videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel or to the Beloved Publications Community and you'll get an email letting you know when a new one has been posted. Leave me a comment after the video on YouTube, or in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. I would especially like to know what you think of this new project.

Thank you so much for watching and being apart of our world.

Love, Danielle