Expressions of Love for Mother

“Mother Mary’s love and channeled wisdom through Danielle have been a major guiding force for me for the past 12 years. I am extremely grateful to Mother and Danielle for helping me live a more enlightened, loving and fulfilling life.”
–Robbie Holz, co-author of award-winning Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening


“I work as a Spirit Guide Medium in the Detroit region and recommend your book to clients at least 3 times a week. It is my new foundation of everything, and has brought my own relationship with Mother Mary to new depths which have helped me ascend to higher levels of self-awareness, love, and empowerment of how to use my gifts of prayer to help others. These words are so inadequate in describing what Mother Mary has taught me directly and through you. Thank you for bringing her to us… So many people have been coming to me not knowing why, just following a hunch, and I know it is Mother directing them to me, so they can discover your book. Thank you for giving it to us.”
–Rev. Ann M. Gee, Spirit Guide Medium & Self-Empowerment Coach


 “For me, falling in love with Mother Mary has meant falling in love with myself.”
–Linda R. Gooding PhD.


“Mother is teaching me with such love and patience how to wake up to the glorious possibilities of being human. She is my true Mother, I am transformed!”



I adore the way Mother comes through her channel, Danielle; it is almost as if you are being held in the womb of Mother.
–Madisyn Taylor

“Working with Mother Mary has given me my life back. I have never felt so much unconditional love, so much beauty and even great humor. I adore the way Mother comes through her channel, Danielle, it is almost as if you are being held in the womb of Mother, so gentle and nurturing. Danielle has a great gift of channeling Mother without ego and this is a rare gift to find. If you are ready for change and willing to do the work with complete support, I highly recommend working with Mother through Danielle. The road may not be easy, but the good stuff never is. If you can allow yourself to trust, the rewards will be more than you can ever imagine.”

–Madisyn Taylor, best-selling author of DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day


“Mother Mary, Come to me, whisper words of wisdom… Let it be… The first moment I heard those lyrics, I wanted her to come to me. She seemed to be everywhere- in statuaries and stained glass, burnished on medals swaying from rear view mirrors, silk-screened on t-shirts, ad infinitum. Always a little intriguing, but I was very busy with life and after all, I wasn’t Catholic! Then one day, as luck would have it, I rediscovered an old and wonderful friend who said: I have a friend who channels Mother Mary. And thus began my journey with the Divine through Mother Mary. I am grateful.I was looking for love- from my husband, my children, friends, family, church – any place outside of myself. I’d forgotten that it’s an inside job. With the guidance and wisdom of Mother Mary, I began to understand that my outer experiences are created from what’s going on inside of me. That what’s going on inside of me affects my behavior and how I choose to behave actually affects my life.I can choose to hold an inner state that is loving and grace filled, or angry and self-destructive. Mother helps me clarify my behavior, how it affects those inner states and to make better choices. I’m not perfect, but I am more gentle and loving to myself. I am more peaceful. And as a result, I am more powerful and more creative. I spend less time in fear because I am growing in faith and trust in a power greater than myself. This has given me the courage to ask for and receive God’s will for me. As a result, my life has become manageable and serene even in the midst of chaos. I am deeply grateful for Danielle’s work, and for the grace and service of Mother Mary that comes through her. Thank you for coming to me, Mother, and for your words of wisdom. Thank you for helping me simplify my life. Thank you for the vastness of your love, its depth, its availability. Thank you. How can I serve you today?”

–Deborah George, best-selling co-author of Ignatius Rising: The Life Of John Kennedy Toole


“Five years ago I clearly remember sitting transfixed in the living room of my meditation teacher and listening for the very first time to the voice of Mother Mary as channeled by Danielle Gibbons. This being my first experience with channeling, I initially focused on the mystery of what I was witnessing but as the weekend progressed I quickly became immersed in the brilliance of Mother Mary’s teachings. Thus began a journey that for me will last a lifetime and beyond. It is difficult to put into words the impact that Mother’s teachings have had on my life. Among many things She has taught me that we come to this lifetime to learn and it is up to us to choose whether we learn by joy or learn by pain. Patiently and gently Mother is teaching me to see the richness that is in front of my face rather than knowing it in retrospect. Through weekend workshops, private sessions and group meditations I am learning to practice self love instead of self punishment. That life is not about reward and punishment but the natural consequences of my choices. That peace lies in surrender and surrender means letting go – not giving up. That true compassion in our relationship with others comes from within and begins with compassion for ourselves. Mother is teaching me about love of God, love of self, love of the people around me, love of life and so much more. It is such a blessing to have Mother Mary in my life. And an added blessing is to call Danielle Gibbons my friend – an extraordinary woman who answered the call of the Divine Mother to live a life of service by providing her body as a channel for Mother’s teachings.”

–Delia Bowman Sattin


 “Kind, gentle and so very wise. Mother has helped me thru so much, by helping me to see with great clarity, my own way thru. I am so grateful. I do not know what my life would look like without Her, and I thank God for that.”
–Ken Carlsen