• Be Cherished

    It takes courage to accept your glory. Mother is here to support your awakening to all that you are. You’re on the path of love; no matter what difficulties you’re experiencing, love creates a way through those difficulties with authenticity, respect, and grace. As a result you find clarity in who you are and what really matters to you. Let Mother support your path of love by allowing Her to awaken the willingness to cherish and be cherished within you.

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  • Divine Sexuality

    Divine Sexuality

    In this audio teaching, Mother Mary will help you to understand the ways we avoid, celebrate, abuse, and enjoy our sexuality. She will offer Her insight into ways you can focus on and heighten your sexual energy to improve intimacy, health, mental clarity and overall energy level. Mother will also teach you to channel your sexual energy in a manner that is sacred and conscious to bring you closer to yourself and the Divine.

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  • Life of Christ

    The Life of Christ

    Mother Mary tells Her story of giving birth to, and raising the avatar, Jesus Christ, as only a mother can. Told with humor and a poignancy that will stir your soul, She gives an unconventional account of the Prince of Peace.

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