• Powered By Love in Berkeley

    The love Mother will awaken and open you up to is the love that transcends ideology, religion, cultural beliefs, intellectual beliefs, community laws, logic, time, and anything that divides us. It is the love of unity, compassion, forgiveness, empowerment, and connection. It is the energy that leads the way across the divide every time. It is the power that knows us all to be equal. Period. And it is the force that never abandons us, never makes us feel small, and never tells us we’re unworthy.

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  • The Light of Your Life

    Mother knows it is a challenge to transform your own life, but to be a beacon of Light for others can be even more challenging. That’s why She feels it’s time to focus on your Light.

    Mother will:

    Guide you in discovering the depth of your Light
    Inspire you to become comfortable and find peace with your Light
    Co-create with you to remove some of the barriers between your consciousness and your Light
    Help you to create healthy boundaries when others are affected by your Light
    Rejoice with all of you in sharing your Light with the world

    Come and set your Light free!

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  • The Song of Your Soul

    To experience the song of your soul reverberating inside gives you the clarity of Self as a whole, eternal being that has everything present inside for a life filled with love and light. When you’re more deeply connected to your soul, clarity becomes easier and making choices a privilege rather than a burden.

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  • Into the Fire

    The cleansing properties of fire have been revered throughout the ages in cultures all over the world. Mother Mary invites you to a cleansing of your Being, mind, body, and spirit through the elemental energy of fire. She will create and hold space for you to consign to the fire old hurts, resentments, aches and pains that weigh you down and keep you from soaring. And when those things that are ready to go are turned into sacred ash, Mother will help you fill the space you’ve made inside with bright, beautiful love. The kind of deep love that serves you and those you share it with for the rest of your life.

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  • Divine Sexuality

    Divine Sexuality

    In this audio teaching, Mother Mary will help you to understand the ways we avoid, celebrate, abuse, and enjoy our sexuality. She will offer Her insight into ways you can focus on and heighten your sexual energy to improve intimacy, health, mental clarity and overall energy level. Mother will also teach you to channel your sexual energy in a manner that is sacred and conscious to bring you closer to yourself and the Divine.

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  • Life of Christ

    The Life of Christ

    Mother Mary tells Her story of giving birth to, and raising the avatar, Jesus Christ, as only a mother can. Told with humor and a poignancy that will stir your soul, She gives an unconventional account of the Prince of Peace.

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