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Your safe place to co-create transformation with love!

Do you ever wish you had a place to bring your challenges and problems that could help you co-create solutions with heart and soul? Isn’t it great when wishes come true?

I’m so excited to share our new online course with you. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time now, and it’s finally here. School of Love brings together Mother Mary’s most profound wisdom and grace and puts it all together in an easy to follow journey that takes you from challenge to freedom using the greatest power of all – love.

Each one of us has our own unique set of challenges we face each day. And while they may possess qualities that are universal, ultimately we must find the way through those challenges from within. If you struggle with feeling as though you only deserve limited amounts of joy, abundance, serenity, and love, Mother Mary has created School of Love for you!


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School of Love is your place to bring any challenge, difficulty, pain cycle, or desire to expand what’s already working in your life. The course will provide the structure you need to explore your challenge, discover what’s keeping you stuck, and help reveal all that you need in order to transform it, so you can feel the way you want to feel and live the life you want to live.

Mother Mary teaches that one size does not fit all. In this course She provides the tools to help you understand your own needs and desires and how to fulfill them, rather than someone else telling you what you need and should desire and ought to do. Since School of Love will take place at the same time each year, you’ll have a safe, consistent haven to work through anything that you feel you’re ready and excited to transform. Do you want to alleviate depression, get to the root of ongoing anxiety, treat your body with kindness and respect, grow your business, have a healthy relationship to money, calm your mind, have a stronger spiritual connection or make love your guiding light? Now you have a place to bring each challenge you face and co-create a new way of living with Mother by your side.

School of Love takes place from February 1st, 2018 to June 12th 2018. (Registration is now closed.) It’s online, so anyone in the world can be a part of this amazing journey. This course is a live experience and everything is recorded, so you can follow along weekly or go at your own pace. You decide!

Some of the powerful features of School of Love are:

  • Short videos messages from Mother to help inspire you as you move through School of Love.
  • Guided meditations designed to help you focus and open to the guidance that will flow from Mother and your own amazing inner wisdom.
  • Weekly live-stream classes with Mother to help you dive into each lesson with clarity and love.
  • Mother’s toolbox filled with powerful resources for your journey.
  • In-depth writing prompts to help you uncover your true feelings and beliefs about your challenge.
  • A fantastic community support center with Facebook-like features and live-stream group chat options for participants.
  • The rare opportunity to work with Mother one-on-one so you can go deeper into the course – with the option of adding one private session.
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee (starting February 1st).


~ Registration is now CLOSED until January 2019 ~


Message from Danielle…


Mother and I hope you’ll join us for School of Love 2018. I know for myself and hundreds of others I’ve spoken to over the years that having a safe place to love and accept ourselves as we are, without punishment or avoidance, can be the most important element in a conscious transformation. I will continue to focus each day on creating just that for all who come to Mother to grow, discover, and fall in love with themselves. If you’re ready to show up for yourself and give yourself the gift of Mother’s grace combined with your own desire for living a life that matters to you where you get to shine, then welcome to School of Love, my friend. We’re thrilled that you’re here!



Read about the amazing transformation waiting for you if you participate in an online course with Mother Mary:

“Life-changing and deeply personal.”

~ Amy V.

“Igniting Your Glory has given me the keys to unlocking my talents and using them to step into my destiny and live my dreams with joy and ease. I highly recommend this course!”
~ Deborah George, poet, screenwriter, best-selling author

“Danielle is the purest and clearest channel for Mother Mary that I have ever witnessed. Mother’s teachings are powerful tools in deepening my connection to Her, the divine and myself. I am eager to go deeper within knowing I have Mother’s love and support to guide me. This course is a powerful catalyst to knowing, loving and trusting oneself and experiencing others.”
~ Alexandra Kolczyski
“After listening to the wisdom of Igniting Your Glory, the vision of my life has broadened to infinity. Who I have been and who I continue to be as I evolve is completely accepted and welcomed by me.”
Connie K. Humphreys
“Being part of IYG was a rich and deep experience. Each class felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket while being encouraged to fly. The love and support coming through from Mother Mary is some of the most real I’ve ever felt, and I’ll continue to benefit from Her energy long after the course is over. I can highly recommend doing the program.”
~ Rita R.

“Mother Mary as channeled by Danielle Gibbons has given me yet another course that has taken me deeper and enriched my life. What I love most about these courses is how practical and loving they are. They are designed to bring joy and goodness and fulfillment to my life right now, in the here and now. And ‘Igniting Your Glory’ is no exception. Mother systematically takes us through the process of discovering for ourselves what makes our hearts sing. And always, always in the most loving of ways. Having taken this course, I feel more excited about my life and more directed and at the same time more peaceful.What a gift to have access to these teachings. Thank you Mother for your service. And thank you Danielle.”
~ Delia Bowman Sattin
“Everyone needs time with Mother Mary. There isn’t one person on this Earth that doesn’t have work to do on themselves; they just need to be willing to do the work. Mother is SOOOO WONDERFUL!!! People, just do it and make yourselves happier!!!”
~ Barry Todd

“Mother gives her gifts so generously to anyone who puts forth the effort in this course. I feel a stronger sense of Mother’s love surrounding me, and a deeper awareness of Her presence. This creates a sort of buoyancy throughout my life. I’m able to deal with situations with ease and even with more strength, courage, and respect. I feel more dignity as a person and feel I carry myself with more grace and feel more grace in my life. Lastly, I feel I’m better able to practice wise decision-making.”
~ Paige Montgomery
“This course is helping me to be more compassionate towards myself, which feels like a miracle.”
~ Mary T., LCSW, Northern California

“This course with Danielle and Mother was terrific! I learned much about my own thought patterns, something that you don’t really think about and definitely are not taught to think about. The way Mother talked about ‘resistance’ and how to overcome it was a life saver. That along with knowing my Soul Gifts, what I love and am good at, changed my whole way of being with myself first and with others. I now have a very clear idea on how to build a life that fulfills me and thrills me! In the short time that we were together, 6 months, I have used these tools over and over in my daily life, with my clients and have seen amazing results that will continue. I am truly blessed to have taken this course. I was faithful to all the videos and all the love pages and homework, and I can tell you if you are committed too, you will have a new way of being in the world. This new way is Awesome!!”
~ Victoria Buckmann

“I am so grateful I listened to the call of my soul to take this amazing course! Both deeply meditative and incredibly practical, this course is a unique, once in a lifetime experience that has had me growing in bounds and leaps, all the while being held in the arms of Mother and all the amazing people journeying with me. It is a course that keeps on giving, long after it’s ‘officially’ over, shifting that which still needs shifting, while I live in the joy of my being, doing what I love and sharing it with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
~ Branka Valcic

“The Letting Go course with Mother has been a valuable tool in which I continue to apply the methodology and skills to any current aspect of my life in which I want and need to deeply find my authentic self and begin to be at peace.
The following are my highlights and improvements from taking the course:
1) I am more confident in my ability to BE PRESENT to anything life brings me, and find meaning and personal growth.
2) I AWAKENED to a deeper spiritual truth with my own soul and developed Devotion and Love to my Source, God and Mother.
3) I have learned to understand Shadow and Light aspects of the Dance of Creation, allowing suffering to JUST BE, as it takes me deeper into my simple/complex Self.
4) Life has meaning & I have Power to Co-Create with the choices and decisions I make to manifest my Hearts Desires!
It would be well worth your efforts to take this personal course and trust spirit/Mother will be with you every step of the way!”

~ Debra Hess, Founder of Simply Yoga Studios