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Your safe place to co-create transformation with love!


♥ Registration for School of Love 2020 is now CLOSED ♥


Do you ever wish you had a place to bring your challenges and problems that could help you co-create solutions with heart and soul? Isn’t it great when wishes come true?

School of Love brings together Mother Mary’s most profound wisdom and grace and puts it all together in an easy to follow journey that takes you from challenge to freedom using the greatest power of all – love.

Each one of us has our own unique set of challenges we face each day. And while they may possess qualities that are universal, ultimately we must find the way through those challenges from within. If you struggle with feeling as though you only deserve limited amounts of joy, abundance, serenity, and love, Mother Mary has created School of Love for you!




School of Love is your place to bring any challenge, difficulty, pain cycle, or desire to expand what’s already working in your life. The course will provide the structure you need to explore your challenge, discover what’s keeping you stuck, and help reveal all that you need in order to transform it, so you can feel the way you want to feel and live the life you want to live.

Mother Mary teaches that one size does not fit all. In this course She provides the tools to help you understand your own needs and desires and how to fulfill them, rather than someone else telling you what you need and should desire and ought to do. Since School of Love will take place at the same time each year, you’ll have a safe, consistent haven to work through anything that you feel you’re ready and excited to transform. Do you want to alleviate depression, get to the root of ongoing anxiety, treat your body with kindness and respect, grow your business, have a healthy relationship to money, calm your mind, have a stronger spiritual connection or make love your guiding light? Now you have a place to bring each challenge you face and co-create a new way of living with Mother by your side.



School of Love registration opened on January 27th, 2020 – so you can NOW register! The course takes place from February 3rd, 2020 to May 28th, 2020.  It’s online, so anyone in the world can be a part of this amazing journey.

This course is a live experience. Everything will be recorded, so you can follow along weekly or go at your own pace. You decide!


Some of the powerful features of School of Love are:

  • Weekly live-stream classes with Mother to help you dive into each lesson with clarity and love.
  • Mother’s unconditional love and constant grace to light the path through you transformation.
  • Short video messages from Mother to help inspire you as you move through School of Love.
  • Guided meditations designed to help you focus and open to the guidance that will flow from Mother and your own amazing inner wisdom.
  • Mother’s toolbox filled with powerful resources for your journey.
  • A community support center with Facebook-like features for participants.
  • Love Pages to help you uncover your true feelings and beliefs about your challenge through writing.
  • The opportunity to work with Mother one-on-one so you can go deeper into the course.
  • Bonuses designed with heart and soul to provide the extra special care you need for this transformative experience.
  • A 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.
  • Connection with a group of big hearted, amazing individuals who will walk this path with you.


♥ Registration for School of Love 2020 is now CLOSED ♥


Message from Danielle…


Mother and I hope you’ll join us for School of Love this year. I know for myself and hundreds of others I’ve spoken to over the years that having a safe place to love and accept ourselves as we are, without punishment or avoidance, can be the most important element in a conscious transformation. I will continue to focus each day on creating just that for all who come to Mother to grow, discover, and fall in love with themselves. If you’re ready to show up for yourself and give yourself the gift of Mother’s grace combined with your own desire for living a life that matters to you where you get to shine, then welcome to School of Love, my friend. We’re thrilled that you’re here!



Read about the amazing transformation waiting for you if you participate in School of Love:

School of Love was rich in quality and quantity. Mother Mary’s deceptively simple suggestions guide one to make small shifts that are filled with love. Then, these small shifts seem to take on a life and depth of their own, bringing healing waters where love had yet to reach. This being my second year with School of Love. I have experienced some absolute miracles. Limiting beliefs that have sabotaged me for years have just mysteriously disappeared. I’ve been relieved of challenges that have plagued me my entire adult life. All this from Mother’s simple and loving guidance of small, safe steps. Living deeper and deeper from a place of Love, miracles do happen, and best of all, I’m finally coming home to myself. What an extraordinary gift to be led by Mother’s wisdom, love, and grace. School of Love was a masterful class wrapped in simplicity, gentleness, and love.  ~Jewel Clearwater

* * *

School of Love is a powerful and effective tool to help you move through any challenge, even the stubborn ones. Because of this course and Mother’s help, I was able to finally resolve my lifelong challenge. The happiness, peace and freedom are wonderful! THANK YOU, Mother and Danielle!! Much Love and Gratitude. ~Robbie Holz, author & consultant

* * *

School of Love was an unexpected experience for me. Although it was slow and gentle in its approach to transformation, it was surprisingly powerful and energy-intensive. True to her word, Mother Mary was there the whole way, supporting insights, shifts, and experiences to help me transform my challenge. This class was humbling to my impatient gung-ho self that wanted to get it done and do it my way, in that I learned the power of building a strong foundation one step at a time, and the power of asking good questions and taking the time to answer them. The greatest gift I experienced was mustering the courage and will to face myself and get real. The support was very complete on many levels. It left me with skills & insights that I will use for life. ~Kathleen Kunze

* * *

School of Love is a wonderful course, especially if you are an empath, highly sensitive, or psychic. If you are willing to be willing to go deep within, and to understand and love yourself more, with Mother as your guide you will discover new parts of yourself. With the help of some wonderful tools and practices for self-care, you will transform long held beliefs. ~Alexandra K.

* * *

Mother’s School of Love is the best gift I have received this year and at this time of my life. I was ready to dive into my challenge, and Mother helped me gain spiritual maturity on this journey. The love pages were sometimes challenging to my mind and to my personality, as they kept bringing me inside, where I needed to focus. What a sense of power and freedom I feel now that I know how to gather my energy and that I have defined my boundaries! I am expanding my consciousness day after day while still learning with Mother, and I am able to be in touch with the flow of Love no matter what I’m going through. Deep gratitude to Mother, to Danielle, Maya and the whole SOL community! ~Christine Boukhalil

* * *

Never before have I had a more profound healing experience as I’ve had working with Mother Mary, Danielle Gibbons and School of Love. Above all, I have truly learned just how supported and loved I am in the Universe. The Course contains such simple practices and suggestions that have made my life richer, fuller and more joyful than I ever thought possible!  Thank you Mother Mary, thank you Danielle and thank you School of Love!! ~Melinda Jacobs

* * *

The best investment I’ve ever made has been, ironically, in myself through School of Love! ~Ken Carlsen

* * *

I reached out because of a need to connect with Mother (as Divine Feminine). The course exceeded my expectations, giving me such specific tools, and allowing me to set my own agenda, so to speak (to choose my Challenge). In the beginning, I said I didn’t even know what support looks like. By the end, I felt so supported, and felt such joy in being able to be supportive. And Mother is the support behind the support. I feel so blessed that I was given a scholarship, and was able to go through this deeply transformative experience – and I’m about to start over with the course, to go even deeper. ~Carol Howell

* * *

School of Love is truly an amazing, mind and eye opening experience. Mother allows you into the darkest places of your soul and shines the light so brightly for a profound healing. If you are even the least bit willing, Mother will show you EXACTLY where you are stuck, suffering, or just can’t break through and you will find a new level of happiness and well being even if you commit the minimal effort. Please do it for yourself and your ultimate happiness and freedom! ~Paige Montgomery

* * *

Participating in Mother’s School of Love course has given me greater opportunity to bask in Mother’s presence as well as gain insight and refine techniques helping me to continue to grow in my spiritual journey.  I love the ongoing support the course offers and the community that has been created. I’m very thankful for Danielle’s service in providing this avenue to know Mother. ~Barbara B.

* * *

I found School of Love to be truly life changing. I recommend this course whole-heartedly to anyone who wants to transform a personal challenge utilizing powerful tools, resources and the power of love. It will radically change your relationship to your Self, guaranteed. Not only do I know myself more deeply, but my Self care and Self love have increased enormously. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Jane Berman

* * *

I loved this course and will certainly do it again next year. That said, I’m clear that I didn’t even come close to getting all I theoretically could have out of the course because of my own resistance. Mother’s teaching methods are very effective and getting better all the time. Because her methods are so effective, this time my resistance was in my face almost as soon as the course began. The single most important thing I got out of the course this time is that the ONLY way to deal with that stubborn inner voice is to LOVE IT! I’ve also learned to love myself even when I’m not doing my homework!! ~Linda Gooding




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~ Already enrolled in the 2019 course? CLICK HERE. ~