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Your Light Within

The light that shines within you is a powerful and loving force. It balances our shadow and provides us with clarity and direction in the dark and confusion that can sometimes be part of our lives. Mother Mary will teach us about the healing aspects of our light, how to focus in on it and direct it for our benefit and the benefit of others. She will help us to understand the importance of allowing our light to be the conscious force that directs our thinking and behavior.

Once you feel this power for yourself, Mother knows you will happily share it with others freely to help them on their journey. She also understands this power can be frightening to many of us. Your light is a beacon to others and when it draws then close it is easy to fear their expectations of you and whether you then become responsible to do something for them. What if they want something you feel you can’t give?

Let Mother help put these fears to rest and give you the confidence to let your light shine, creating a peaceful and happy life.

This product is a recorded audio MP3 download; it is approximately 67 minutes long.


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