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The Light of Your Life

This retreat was recorded live in October 2017 at the Dahlonega Spa Resort in Georgia.

Inside you is the living light of creation. Your light transcends everyday life while being fully engaged in your everyday life. It is much talked about even as it remains a mystery. Mother Mary invites you to share your light as One.

Do you know yourself to be a Light Bringer, Light Bearer, Light Worker, Child of Light, or simply a Being of Light? Do you ever find it difficult to be at peace with what or whom your Light attracts? Do you long to share your Light and feel safe while doing it? If so then you’ll want to hear these audio recordings of Mother’s amazing 4-day retreat in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.

Mother knows it is a challenge to transform your own life, but to be a beacon of Light for others can be even more challenging. That’s why She feels it’s time to focus on your Light.

Mother will:

  • Guide you in discovering the depth of your Light
  • Inspire you to become comfortable and find peace with your Light
  • Co-create with you to remove some of the barriers between your consciousness and your Light
  • Help you to create healthy boundaries when others are affected by your Light
  • Rejoice with all of you in sharing your Light with the world

This set of recordings includes 6 audio MP3s. The total time is about 7 hours and 35 minutes.

You will be emailed the download link. All the tracks are zipped into one file. Please allow time for the full download onto your computer (252+ MG). If you have tech questions, email [email protected].


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