2021 June Solstice Retreat
Mount Shasta, California
June 17-20, 2021


Gather with Mother on sacred Mt. Shasta for a life-changing experience. This four day retreat will be an intensive clearing, opening, and balancing of all 7 chakras with a special emphasis on the root chakra, so that you become attuned to the divine grace that is growing in power and presence within you and upon the planet. Gaia will be your anchor and Mt. Shasta, the root chakra for the planet, will be your catalyst as Mother aligns the path of light inside you so that you become a stronger conduit for your authentic self-expression and Her love and grace.

Mt. Shasta is a powerful vortex of energetic convergence. It is the gateway that brings through Gaia’s energy of stability, safety, balance, and centeredness, all the things that are present in your own root chakra when it’s balanced and open. Communing with Mother and Gaia on Mt. Shasta at the June Solstice at these points of ley line convergence that run through the earth provide a boost to your energy field in order to assist with transformation, illumination, clarity, and expansion. In other words, the time and place of this retreat will be like super-charging your growth.

The solstice is a time when the veils between the worlds thin and it is easier to hear your inner guidance and feel the presence of those in the unseen that are around you. It is a celebration of light and your true essence. On the June Solstice 2021 Mother will lead you in expanding your capacity to hold the light for All in the days leading up to the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.

During this 4-day retreat with Mother you’ll have the opportunity to unplug from the stress of your everyday life that has been heightened by the difficult events that have taken place this year, and tap into the divine, earthly source of grounded life-force energy. As you commune with Mother and Gaia on and around the different vortexes of Mt. Shasta you’ll unburden yourself of the shadow energy that keeps your fears of being unsafe alive. Feeling safe is a vital element for a life built on a foundation of love and trust. When love and trust are present faith can grow exponentially.

Mother will create and hold space for you to shed old beliefs about safety, create new beliefs that support you, and discover actions that reflect your new understanding of feeling safe in the world. Clearing, opening, and balancing your chakras are an important part of this process. Just like the energy ley lines on the planet, your chakras are energy convergence points within your physical and energetic bodies. They are power centers and gateways to your life-force and flow.

You’ll be spending time playing in waterfalls, taking part in sacred ceremony, meditating with the eagles perspective, and serving Mother Earth. This is your time to learn to commune more deeply with the earth than ever before and discover the profound peace that comes with that communion.

Mother, Gaia, and Mt. Shasta are calling you to join Them for this extraordinary time of healing and rejuvenation with your tribe of beloved seekers. We welcome your glorious self!