Mother Shows You How to Have a Love Mindset

January 30, 2019

This is such a timely teaching for me as we head into School of Love 2019. Mindsets are not always easy to shift or expand. And having a love mindset can sometimes feel counter intuitive to my instincts as a human. But as I go deeper with Mother into love, I realize that my instincts can become harmonized with love in ways I never could have imagined.

An example of this is self-doubt. Everyone has it. And when it's experienced in proportion to what's going on around me it can help protect me from myself and others who don't have my best interests at heart. If someone is love bombing me and we've only just met and my self-doubt says wait a minute, is this real or even deserved? Not because I don't deserve to be loved but because I barely know this person and they're already talking marriage after 5 minutes or pushing me onto a pedestal I have no desire to occupy. I used to be taken in by that kind of behavior and I used to do it to others because the true agenda was to get that person to love me no matter what I had to do. Instinctual self-doubt can feel a lie and rises up to say this isn't real.

I'm beginning to understand the difference in self-doubt that arises out of curiosity and a desire to take care of myself and when it arises out of fear and insecurity. The first is love, the second fear. The love mindset encourages me to live in what feels real to me instead of a fantasy world that falls a part at the first hurdle. 



Enjoy today's video and please share it with anyone you feel is trying to make the shift. Leave your comments below and let me know if the love mindset has changed your life.

I hope you have a fantastic day!



Mother Shares Easy Ways to Make Love a Bigger Part of Your Life

January 16, 2019

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2019 will be filled with wonderful experiences, joy, and of course more love. These next 2 videos Mother's done will focus on love in honor of the yummy School of Love free master class and then of course the longer more in-depth course, School of Love 2019. In this video Mother brings up such an important point. I do often forget to bring love into the everyday events of my life. The scared little girl in me still believes in the finite nature of love. Basically that if I use too much for the little things, I'll run out and there won't be enough. Like so many fears that are rattling around in my unconscious, Mother dispels this one with infinite compassion and simplicity.



So here's to a new year filled with as much love as we can possibly receive. So glad I'm on this journey with all of you.

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Mother Mary Shares The Gratitude of Angels With You

November 21, 2018

I want to begin by saying Thank You! It's been another fantastic year of bringing Mother Mary videos to all of you. I appreciate all your love, support, comments, and dedication to Mother's video teachings. This year Mother ends on a beautiful note of gratitude and angels. The perfect combination to see us through the end of the year. I'll have more videos for you in January 2019. I'm so grateful you're a part of my life. Have a fantastic conclusion to 2018.

My wish for you is to know loving joy and a deep sense of peace within. 

Holiday hugs to you,