A course with Mother Mary is an exciting opportunity to explore your life in greater depth. Her presence on all who participate is profound. Each course, Mother offers you the key to creating a relationship with the Divine. Her teachings are simple and practical. She gives actions designed to facilitate change that are easily integrated into your life.


2017 Calendar of Events

The Light of Your Life Retreat 
October 19-22, 2017  ~ Weekend Course at The Dahlonega Spa Resort, Georgia


Inside you is the living light of creation. Your light transcends everyday life while being fully engaged in your everyday life. It is much talked about even as it remains a mystery. You’re invited to a special retreat with Mother Mary to share your light as One.

Do you know yourself to be a Light Bringer, Light Bearer, Light Worker, Child of Light, or simply a Being of Light? Do you ever find it difficult to be at peace with what or whom your Light attracts? Do you long to share your Light and feel safe while doing it? If so then you’ll want to join us for Mother’s amazing 4-day retreat in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.

Mother knows it is a challenge to transform your own life, but to be a beacon of Light for others can be even more challenging. That’s why She feels it’s time to focus on your Light.

Mother will:

  • Guide you in discovering the depth of your Light
  • Inspire you to become comfortable and find peace with your Light
  • Co-create with you to remove some of the barriers between your consciousness and your Light
  • Help you to create healthy boundaries when others are affected by your Light
  • Rejoice with all of you in sharing your Light with the world

Come and set your Light free!

Tuition includes Mother’s teachings, accommodations, fabulous meals, taxes, and an MP3 audio recording of the retreat. 

Date: October 19-22, 2017
Time: Thursday 3PM EST – Sunday 12PM EST
Location: The Light of Your Life Retreat will take place in the stunning North Georgia Mountains at The Dahlonega Spa Resort. Explore its beauty and step out of your daily life and into the serenity of nature and loving support for your growth and fulfillment. Spa services and yoga classes are priced separately from the retreat.

Click here to watch a video about the Dahlonega Spa Resort.

Click here to see transportation options from the airport to the resort.

Registration is no longer available. We’ve reached maximum capacity. Thank you to everyone who signed up. See you soon!


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Participating in ongoing classes with Mother Mary provides a consistency that is essential to your spiritual growth. Below you will find a list of classes which Beloved Publications is currently offering. If you are motivated as so many are to join us in one of these amazing classes simply click on the Join Now button and you will be taken to our online store where you can easily sign up for your next class. We look forward to seeing you soon!

2017 Classes

Healing With Love: In 5 Movements

Mother Mary offered this special 5-part series to empower you to heal whatever you feel needs healing in your life. Mother describes healing as creating a strong connection with your Being, or that of another. She doesn’t view healing as a means by which you fix what’s broken. Mother knows you’re not broken and never need fixing.

Join Mother as She pours Her love into your Being – to awaken, cherish, and connect your consciousness to the whole of your Self. 

These events will focus you within. Much of the time you will be in contemplation and meditation with Mother guiding you through the process of receiving Her love and energy, and reclaiming your vibrant Self. Make sure you come to each event supported physically so you can sit without too much shifting to get comfortable. Mother would prefer you sit up if you’re able, with your back in a position of sustainable vitality. Bring your journal and pen in case you want to record your aha moments.

Attend one class or attend them all. Each will build on the next, increasing your ability to self-direct the healing energy of love to where you need it most.

All 5 events already took place (July 18 – September 5, 2017), but you can still watch the recorded videos. They’re available for purchase at Learn It Live, a social media site for learning and connecting.

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Online Class Archives

Recordings of past online classes are available for viewing. To see what is available, click on the view button below. It will take you to the Learn It Live website, where all online classes are held. You can scroll through the Group Classes to find what interests you, register and enjoy.

Meditation Class

Each Mother Mary meditation class is a one-hour working meditation, designed to help you raise your consciousness and strengthen your life force. All you need is an internet connection to participate. The online recorded class provides the benefit of meditating from the comfort of your own home at a time that fits your life and allows you to receive Mother’s blessing no matter where you are.

Location: Learn It Live, online
Cost: $5 each

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